North West LHIN’s health system planning and funding functions are now part of Ontario Health, a government agency responsible for ensuring Ontarians continue to receive high-quality health care services where and when they need them.

For Health Service Providers

Funding Requests

View funding information on the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund, Capital Planning, and the Health System Improvement Fund.


Click here to learn more about the HQO Patient Engagement Framework and Engaging Patients Website.

Sector-Specific Resources

Boards of HSPs, Hospitals, Long-Term Care Organizations, and Multi-Sector Organizations.

Resources for All Health Service Providers

A list of resources for all health service providers can be found here. 

Reporting Due Dates for Health Service Providers

A list of reporting Due Dates for North West LHIN health service providers.

Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (BPSAA) Directives and Reporting Templates

View the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, directives and reporting templates.

Service Accountability Agreements

Click here to view H-SAA’s, M-SAA’s, L-SAA’s, MLAA and compliance and reporting standards.

Health Care Provider Resources

A list of helpful resources for Health Care Providers on North West LHIN Initiatives.

North West Population Health Profiles

Learn about the North West's unique geography and key characteristics of the Northwest population.

Other Helpful Links and Resources

Click here to view other helpful links and resources.