Picture Your Health: Your Future

Please note that the North West LHIN Picture Your Health: Your Future Engagement Campaign, which ran from March 12, 2018 – May 7, 2018, is now closed.

Over an eight week period, the North West LHIN collected feedback both through in-person stakeholder and community engagement sessions, and online feedback through an engagement hub, survey and social media. The feedback received will help to inform the development of the Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) 2019-2022. 

For a summary of the engagement campaign, read the latest LHINfo Minute. You can provide your feedback on the LHINfo Minute by completing a brief survey.

A comprehensive report of all feedback received will be available to the public in the upcoming months. For summaries of feedback received at community workshops hosted across the region during the campaign, visit What We Heard from Communities, or read the full What We Heard Report



What is the Integrated Health Service Plan  

The IHSP V will align with the strategic goals and vision for Ontario’s health system as described in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care. In addition, the IHSP V will reaffirm the commitment to continue advancing the North West LHIN Health Services Blueprint introduced in 2012 that focuses on greater integration of services, better health outcomes, and quality improvement to enhance the care experiences of patients, residents, caregivers, and families. ‚Äč

From 2019-2022, the North West LHIN’s IHSP V will continue to build an integrated health care system through four priorities: 

  • Improving the Patient Care Experience 
  • Improving Access to Care and Reducing Inequities 
  • Building an Integrated eHealth Framework, and
  • Ensuring Health System Accountability and Sustainability  

To view the current and past publications of the Integrated Health Service Plan, please click here.