North West LHIN’s health system planning and funding functions are now part of Ontario Health, a government agency responsible for ensuring Ontarians continue to receive high-quality health care services where and when they need them.

Integrated Health Service Plan 

The North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), with its partners, is working towards its vision for the Northwest: 

Healthier people, a strong health system – our future.

The North West Local Health Integration Network is one of 14 LHINs established by the provincial government to plan, coordinate, integrate and fund health services at the local level, and deliver home and community care. The LHIN brings together health service providers from sectors such as hospitals, community care, community health centres, community support services, mental health and addictions and long-term care and collaborates with public health and primary care providers.

As part of the planning process, the North West LHIN develops an Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) every three years to set out shared goals for the North West LHIN region. Working together with communities and partners to develop the next IHSP, the North West LHIN wants to hear from you – patients, caregivers, providers and residents. Each IHSP is based on information gathered through data analysis and significant community engagement with residents and health care professionals. Advice is provided to the LHIN through our community engagement activities and education sessions, roundtables and our many Advisory Teams. The North West LHIN is interested in learning about your experiences with the health care system, your ideas for living healthier lives in your home and community, and how this can be achieved together through caring communities. To learn more about how to get invovlved and provide yoru feedback, please visit


The North West LHIN has a plan to achieve this vision for the 2019-2022 Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) which: 

  • Provides an assessment of local health care needs and existing health services in Northwestern Ontario; 

  • Identifies priorities for health system improvements in our region; and

  • Sets out plans to address these priority health care issues. 

Currently the North West LHIN on the 2016-2019 IHSP (IV). 

Integrated Health Service Plan 2016-2019  IHSP IV 


North West LHIN IHSP 2016-2019 Released February 1, 2016 

The IHSP IV aligns with the strategic goals and vision for Ontario’s health system outlined in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care. In addition, the IHSP IV reaffirms the North West LHIN’s commitment to continue advancing the North West LHIN Health Services Blueprint introduced in 2012 that focuses on greater integration of services, better health outcomes, and quality improvement to enhance the care experiences of patients, residents, caregivers, and families. 

Over the next three years, the North West LHIN’s IHSP IV will continue to build an integrated health care system through four priorities: 


  • Improving the Patient Care Experience 
  • Improving Access to Care and Reducing Inequities 
  • Building an Integrated eHealth Framework, and 
  • Ensuring Health System Accountability and Sustainability 


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